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Keeping up with ACE NextGen Posted Nov. 21, 2018 “We should get boba sometime and continue this conversation!” – You at Origins, after meeting someone new. Maybe you meant it, maybe you didn…
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Workshop by Telly Wong

Telly Wong | SVP / Chief Content Officer, IW Group   Telly creates leading-edge experiential and event marketing campaigns for such clients as McDonald’s, Lexus, HBO and Warner Bros. Wit…
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Workshop by Tammy Cho

Tammy Cho | Co-founder and CEO of BetterBrave Tammy Cho is co-founder and CEO of BetterBrave, a third-party nonprofit employees can safely turn to when they experience or witness workplace harassment,…
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Workshop by Andrew Chau

Andrew Chau | Co-Founder at Boba Guys / Tea People USA I am an ENFJ/ENTJ who is passionate about building things that bring cultures together. I am known for building a company that is revolutionizin…
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