October 1, 2018

Conference Interviewer: Anna Tsui

Anna Tsui | Leadership and Business Coach, Anna Tsui International, LLC.
 Founder, The Intuitive Business School

Anna Tsui is an executive and leadership coach and international writer, speaker and serial entrepreneur. Her company, Anna Tsui International, LLC., specializes in helping unique, high-performing individuals identify and implement their unique form of leadership.

She helps business owners and executives generate more revenue in their business by deeply engaging their ideal clients and markets and leveraging their brand offerings. She calls this Intuitive Entrepreneurship. More importantly, her work facilitates in a more productive and joyful work environment that fosters growth and innovation.

Anna is the founder of The Intuitive Business School, an intensive program that helps coaches, healers and business owners wake up to their power and build their signature programs, fearlessly create clients, scale their businesses and increase their revenue with ease and flow.

Anna is also a trained energy healer and practitioner of the Akashic Records. Her life philosophy is inspired from Zen Buddhism, Usui Reiki, ancient healing systems, TCM, yoga, dynamic meditation, her sometimes crazy Chinese family and secretly watching people at Starbucks. She was born on a farm in southern China, grew up along the crisp New England shores and currently resides in Texas.

Anna’s clients include a beautiful mix of healers, life and business coaches, high-tech, biotech and fashion executives, professionals in finance, entrepreneurs, political consultants and leaders in the arts.

Her first book, “The Way of The Shadow: Use Your Fear as Fuel for a 6-Figure Coaching Business” will be published in the fall of 2018.


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