November 1, 2018

Member Stories: Frances Luong

ACE NextGen Member Stories: Get to know the ACE NextGen community, what we do and why we’re here. 

Co-founder of Reverb | 832-863-3591

Tell us about your business. 
Reverb is a hospitality marketing and advertising company. The marketing side strategizes customer acquisition and retention and the advertising side creates the content to make the strategies successful!

What is the origin story and inspiration for your business?
While I was in school, I worked internally as the sole marketer for two start ups, a restaurant and a tech company, and was able to increase revenue for the restaurant by 360% through digital marketing. When I was let go in favor of an established PR agency, I thought, why not create a credible system that is systematically able to bring great products to wider audiences.

What’s been the happiest moment of your business? And your lowest? Any lessons learned?
The happiest time in the business is truly the present because our team has been able to build a solid foundation of marketing and advertising systems. My biggest mission is to continually find ways for us to build upon what we have to service our clients better. 

I wake up with the feeling of this is real, it’s happening, I made it through the doubt, I’m really helping people, and I’ll be able to tell others they can too.

The absolute worst part of running a business to me is letting people go. The first time I had to let a contractor go from a project, I think I cried three times leading up to the moment. It never gets easier, you just get better at creating a positive outcome.

My full-time team and I just had the first of our now monthly systems talks, where they’re able to candidly speak out about how they believe the company can be improved and I ask for their feedback on creating a healthier workspace. It’s so gratifying to be able to make immediate changes for them that may only take a few hours but will impact the company culture forever. We have these mini-talks daily, but giving us a safe space to work out systematic issues has made us stronger than ever. I never truly understood the power of safe spaces until having a team.

Why ACE NextGen? What brought you to the ACE NextGen community? 
Youngro Lee really empowered me and a few friends to bring together Asian American entrepreneurs in Houston for our first gathering. I was able to learn and give from that initial meeting and am excited to scale the experience after attending the Boston conference.

What advice would you give to rising entrepreneurs?
The best advice I can give is what I’ve learned from others to implement in my own business! So, I’ll share my Audible favorites. 

  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (Nike’s origin story. Cried three times.)
  • The Culture Code: The secrets of highly successful groups by Daniel Coyle
  • Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it by Chris Voss
  • Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
  • #AskGaryVee: One entrepreneur’s take on leadership, social media, and self awareness by Gary Vaynerchuk

(I’m going to add another question if that’s okay) 
What advice would I like from other ACE members?

Reverb is facing a big scaling soon after we get our handbook down! If anyone has advice on scaling and how to do it or how not to do it, I would love to chat.

Also, if you have aspects or practices you love about your company culture or your boss, I would love to hear them!

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