November 21, 2018

Keeping up with ACE NextGen

Posted Nov. 21, 2018

“We should get boba sometime and continue this conversation!”

You at Origins, after meeting someone new.

Maybe you meant it, maybe you didn’t. No one has to know. But if you’re feeling some post-conference, missed connection, the one that got away blues, we have good news for you! You local ACE NextGen chapter get together all the time. Just last week, we had meetups in the LA and DC areas.

The LA crew (and a couple of visiting Bostonians) got together at Hatch Yakitori + Bar. The event was a  great informal setting to keep the conversation going after the conference. Definitely join your local chapter’s Facebook group (linked below) to keep up with lowkey get togethers like these. The ACE NextGen community is rapidly expanding into new areas,

Over in DC, a few ACE NextGen folks braved the snow and freezing rain to meet up for a Business Breakthrough Roundtable. This dinner, held at SEI Restaurant, was an opportunity for DC entrepreneurs to discuss business challenges they’ve encountered and how to develop potential solutions.

Some of the relevant discussion topics: how difficult it can be to “stay relevant” and top-of-mind in a market, clarifying expectations with both clients and team members, and not “selling yourself short” when it comes to recognizing the value each team member has to offer.  

The event, sponsored by DAWN Design Studios, a global creative agency specializing in startups, small businesses, and social impact, was led by Rebecca Lee of DAWN Design Studios and John Victoria of Polianna SEO.

Aerica Banks, ACE NextGen DC member, shared some Google resources for entrepreneurs such as the Accelerate With Google trainings and Google My Business. She’s the COO of the Asian Google Network, a 2017 Washingtonian Magazine Tech Titan, and 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur.

Don’t miss out on your next local event! Keep up with your local chapter by liking the ACE NextGen page, joining the national Facebook group, and checking in with your Facebook group: Boston, DC, Houston, Bay Area.

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