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ACE NextGen’s Allyship initiative was founded in June 2020 when it was abundantly clear that stronger partnerships must be forged for communities of colors to stand together in the face of adversity, such as racial tensions, social injustice, economic downturns, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting in August, we are providing events centered on building diversity, equity, and inclusivity to fulfill the principles laid out in our DEI statement.

ACE NextGen DEI Statement

As a membership organization that is founded by, led by, and consists of immigrant, first-generation, and second-generation AAPI, ACE NextGen strives to remove the barriers to growing a successful business in America that impacts multicultural communities. We support AAPI and other diverse entrepreneurs through the following activities:


  1. A give to give mentality
  2. Ensure a diversity of industries
  3. Provide relevant, applicable education for business owners to improve their operations
  4. Promote minority-owned businesses
  5. Work as active allies and champions for communities of color
  6. Bridge gaps between SMEs and opportunities
  7. Help entrepreneurs scale up and grow their businesses
  8. Provide access to supplier diversity
  9. Provide access to mentors of color
  10. Offer events and programming to help organizations diversify their staff and ensure plurality and multiculturalism

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