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Date: Monday, November 23, 8 P.M. EST
Topic: Building an Online Tribe in the Midst of a Pandemic
Speaker: Maggie Chui
Company: Co-Founder & COO, Asian Hustle Network

Maggie Chui is the co-founder and COO of Asian Hustle Network (AHN), an online community of 65,000 members that started in November 2019 and is aimed at empowering and uplifting Asian entrepreneurs and allies globally. The mission of AHN is to bring the Asian entrepreneurial and professional community together and to provide an inclusive platform for people to collaborate, support, and learn from one another. She has since been featured in LA Times, NextShark, VoyageLA, and China Global TV Network. She envisions a future where Asians can be more open with sharing their stories, amplifying their voices, and working to ensure that we all succeed together.

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 6:30 P.M. EST
Topic: Digital Business Development: Leveraging Online Networks
Speaker: Tina Wong Zysk, Kat Coffin (moderator)
Company: Founder & Creative Director, Grace + Ivory

Tina Zysk is the founder and Creative Director at Grace + Ivory, a modern, curated brand of customizable, made-to-measure wedding dresses. After seven years working in foreign aid and business development in DC, she took the leap to fulfill her passion for business done better and launched her social enterprise in 2017. She lived in China for four years, which is where she got to develop relationships with the talented women who would become the dressmakers for Grace + Ivory. Tina believes that social enterprise is the future of good business and is the way forward to address global development issues, so a portion of each dress purchased supports women’s programs around the world. 

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 6 P.M. EST
Topic: Elevating You: Refining, Growing, and Shopping your Expertise to Stand Out in Your Field
Speaker: Courtney Pong, Anna Tsui (moderator)
Company: Owner & General Manager, CSz Boston

As a professional improviser for over 19 years, Courtney has designed and led team building workshops and provided entertainment for Fortune 500 companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, eBay, and Nike. Since 2001, she has been a performer and educator with CSz Worldwide, which is home to the award-winning improv comedy show, ComedySportz, performed in 30 cities across the US and Europe. Courtney hails from San Francisco and holds over a 15 years of experience in communication & public relations. She is currently the Owner and General Manager of CSz Boston, as well as the owner of The Rozzie Square Theater, located in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston. She regularly spends her time volunteering with local and national orgs and initiatives that focus on empowering BIPOC/WOC/Women leadership and is currently serving her first of a 3-year term on the Board of Directors for Roslindale Village Mainstreet. She’s the world’s okayest rock climber, nearsighted, and dust intolerant.  

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 8 P.M. EST
Topic: The Power of Cultural Stories
Speaker: Sahra Nguyen
Company: Co-Founder & CEO, Nguyen Coffee Supply

Sahra Nguyen is the founder & CEO of Nguyen Coffee Supply — the first-ever Vietnamese-American & woman owned importer and roaster of green coffee beans from Vietnam. On a mission to transform the coffee industry through diversity, inclusion, and transparency, Nguyen Coffee Supply has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, VICE, New York Magazine, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and honored with the 2019 StarChefs Rising Star Award. Early January 2020, Imbibe Magazine featured Sahra Nguyen as one of the #Imbibe75 — people, places, and directions that will shape the way you drink in 2020. She is a Gold House Collective Founder for Spring 2020, a leading network to celebrate and elevate the Asian American community.

Upcoming Speakers (Specific dates and session titles to come)

Optional #IAmRemarkable workshops in November and January for 20 participants each, led by Amy Chase.


Date: Tuesday, September 29, 8 P.M. EST
Topic: Digital Business Development: How to Stand Out

Speaker: Maggie Hsu
Company: Co-Founder, Gold House

Event Description:
Maggie Hsu will kick off the Women’s Initiative track with a talk on digital business development and how to stand out above the crowd. One of the objectives of this 6-month program is to help business owners increase reach and visibility in a heavily saturated digital environment now that a lot of businesses have pivoted to online. Maggie will share insights on how to differentiate your business, as well as her experiences as an entrepreneur, corporate ladder climber, and mom.

Maggie Hsu is a Co-Founder of Gold House, a nonprofit collective of pioneering Asian leaders dedicated to systematically accelerating the Asian diaspora’s societal impact while enhancing the community’s cultural legacy. She also does Business Development for Amazon Managed Blockchain Blockchain at Amazon Web Services. Prior to that, she led business development for Fluidity, a platform for tokenizing securities based on the Ethereum blockchain. Maggie was previously Chief of Staff to Tony Hsieh, CEO of Prior to that, Maggie was Director of Strategy at Hilton Worldwide and a consultant at McKinsey & Company. She is a Co-Founder of Mochi Magazine, an online magazine for Asian Americans. Maggie holds undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard University.

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 8:45 P.M. EST
Topic: Work-Life Balance for Women Entrepreneurs during COVID-19
Speaker: Alice Hu
Company: Founder, Woo Woo Company

Event Description:
Alice Woo will continue the inaugural evening by leading a meditation session. We will conclude the evening with a conversation on what inspired her to launch her business and the importance of mental wellness for women entrepreneurs, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alice Hu is the founder of Woo Woo Company, a guide for all things woo, spiritual, and holistic wellness. Her focus is showcasing astrology, chakras, sound healing, and more as tools to help people find their purpose and tap into their power. Before wellness, also was in consumer marketing and e-commerce, working for brands like Marriott, P&G, and Mexico Tourism. She now uses her communication and business skills to help others discover their truth and consult wellness practitioners on how to create thriving businesses. Alice believes wellness should be accessible for everyone and shifted into the wellness industry because she believes there is a need for more diversity and inclusivity in the space.

Moderator: Amy Chase
Company: Founder & CEO, The Crescendo Group

Amy Chase is a first-generation Chinese-American born in New York, NY, where she started a career in marketing and sales before switching her focus to human rights, social justice, and international development. She has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kosovo, and Rwanda with a number of NGOs and government contracting firms. In 2018, Ms. Chase launched The Crescendo Group, which supports economic empowerment for women, refugees, survivors of armed conflicts and gender-based violence, and other marginalized groups. She has a BBA in Marketing Management from Baruch College and an MA in International Affairs from The New School.

Date: Wednesday, September 30, 8 p.m. EST
Keynote Speaker Event: Follow Your Gut
Speaker: Vanessa Dew, Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer, Health-Ade Kombucha 
Moderator: Anna Tsui, Founder, The Intuitive Business School

Vanessa Dew co-founded Health-Ade Kombucha in 2012 alongside her best friends and husband-and-wife team, Justin and Daina Trout. As Chief Sales Officer, Dew brings an invaluable knowledge of sales and marketing amassed from years spent at a major pharmaceutical company before leaving to help start Health-Ade Kombucha. Through her expertise in channel penetration and people management, Dew has led Health-Ade’s sales team to boost availability in key channels and markets, while cultivating the Health-Ade brand as a whole. The brand is now available in 30,000 stores including Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joes. Health-Ade has 300 employees.

Anna Tsui specializes in helping business owners and executives access deeper levels of intuition, emotion and connection with their ideal audience. This creates stronger relationships, higher conversion rates, more intimate marketing, easier sales conversations and also a dramatic increase in repeat business. She is a serial, international entrepreneur, writer and speaker and is the founder of The Intuitive Business School and bestselling author of “Shadow Magic: Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business.”

Date: Wednesday, October 14, 4 P.M. EST
Topic: From Night Pharmacist to Cookbook Author
Speaker: Michelle Tam
Company: Co-Founder & CSO, Nom Nom Paleo

Michelle Tam is the co-creator of the Saveur Award winning food blog, Nom Nom Paleo. Together with her husband, Henry Fong, they’ve also produced a two-time Webby award winning cooking app, authored two New York Times bestselling cookbooks, and have been nominated for a James Beard Award.Dubbed “the Martha Stewart of Paleo” by The New York Times and CBS News, Michelle is the food nerd behind Nom Nom Paleo’s recipes and personality. She is also a chef ambassador for Whole Foods Market and has created an exclusive line of sauces and spice blends with them.Michelle has a degree in nutrition and food science from the University of California at Berkeley, and a doctorate in pharmacy from UCSF. For over a dozen years, she worked the graveyard shift at Stanford Hospital and Clinics as a night pharmacist before her side hustle became her main hustle.

Date: Tuesday, October 27, 6 P.M. EST
Topic: Juggling it All As a Female Entrepreneur: The Art of Creative Resilience
Speaker: Monica Kang
Company: Founder & CEO, InnovatorsBox

Monica Kang is a creative educator who is transforming today’s workforce through the power of creativity. As the Founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox®, Monica teaches creativity in a tangible, practical, and relatable way regardless of industry or job title. She has worked with clients worldwide including Fortune 500 companies, higher education, government, and nonprofits. Monica’s work has been awarded across numerous platforms, including The White House, Ashoka Changemakers, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). She is also the author of Rethink Creativity: How to Innovate, Inspire, and Thrive at Work. Driven by her lifelong love of knowledge, she is also an adjunct professor at BAU International University where she teaches entrepreneurship and leadership.

Moderator: Kat Coffin
Company: Founder, Slake

Kate Coffin is an owner and designer of Slake, a new e-commerce fashion brand. By creating unique accessories that provide a way for self-expression through clothing, she hopes Slake will give people the accessories they need to create the dream outfits that truly define them.

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 6 P.M. EST
Topic: Caring for Our Relationship to Work: A Facilitated Conversation
Speaker: Cassandra Lam, Co-Founder & CEO & Karen Mok, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Company:  The Cosmos

Cassandra Lam is a community builder, entrepreneur, and yoga teacher currently based in Brooklyn, NY. As CEO and Co-Founder of The Cosmos, she is committed to creating spaces for Asian womxn to care for themselves, their community, and their world. Since March 2018, The Cosmos has hosted 100+ workshops, produced 4 sold-out wellness retreats, and produced The Cosmos Summit: a 300-person experiential conference for Asian women. In service of their mission to end the health and wellness care gap within the Asian community, The Cosmos launched Give Good Care: a 7-month virtual accelerator for 20 Asian wellness practitioners to grow their impact and businesses.

Karen Mok is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of The Cosmos. Previously, she led global expansion for Stripe, a $36B Fintech company with a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally with the tools to build online businesses, and worked as an investor in Asia where she trained over 200 technology entrepreneurs across 14 countries. She is originally from Charleston, South Carolina and currently resides in New York.

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 8 P.M. EST
Topic: The Asian Advantage in Entrepreneurship and Success
Speaker: Joon Han
Company: Founder, Better San Diego

Leading strategist Joon S. Han is the author and TEDx speaker of “Get Ahead by Giving Back” and he gets to interact with thousands of business leaders a year through keynotes, workshops, podcasts and mentoring relationships; helping smart business owners grow from being busy to very effective. His passion is to help at least ten thousand entrepreneurs a year to change the world with their accelerated success.

Since retiring from active client work years ago, Joon mentors as many social entrepreneurs as he can fit into his schedule these days. And although he leads five companies and three nonprofit organizations; he gladly spends most of his time as the lead parent of his family (ie. shuttling the kids to and fro in the minivan, co-president of the PTA, grocery shopping and field trips- woohoo!).

His newest company – AwesomeGuests™ – elevates us as experts through the power of new media.

Joon enjoys the magicianship of Penn and Teller™ and his pet peeves are when people say, “could care less” instead of “couldn’t” and when someone speaks on leadership when they’ve never led anything in their life.