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Our Core Programs


The National Asian Chamber of Commerce, Gold House and Asian Hustle Network is introducing LEVEL UP 2020 – a new program designed to bring 400 Asian Americans entrepreneurs together to explore topics in entrepreneurship, leadership and provide resources during the pandemic.

It is a free 6-month program sponsored by the CARES Act to help entrepreneurs deal with the effects and also start new businesses. The program features exclusive webinars and networking events facilitated by accomplished entrepreneurs and leaders.


Learn with the extended ACE network through webinars designed to connect, inspire, and grow business owners in their personal and professional life. Engage in deep conversations, and by asking questions or making comments real time in our moderated digital format. Stay online after each webinar for extended digital networking with other attendees.

Inner Circles

Inner Circles is an ACE NextGen national program where Members can discuss and problem-solve the deepest challenges they are facing as entrepreneurs. Peers share professional and personal experiences that can help the Member learn, grow, or receive support. This involves creating a safe and supportive environment to dive into the bottom 5% of a business or entrepreneurial journey, such as risks, fears, and vulnerabilities.

Inner Circles

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