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welcome to ace nextgen

ACE NextGen connects, elevates, and gives back to the Asian American Pacific Islander entrepreneur community. We are the millennial branch of the nonprofit Asian Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (National ACE).



A 3 part, 12 month annual program designed to get your business to work for YOU.

Core programs

Speaker Series

Gain knowledge and wisdom from seasoned business owners or practical tips from expert-led workshops.

Women's Initiative

Get connected with women API entrepreneurs through women-led speakers and events.

Inner Circles

Join close-knit mastermind groups to get feedback and support on anything top of mind for your business.

hear from our members

Working in a family business and starting new business ventures can feel like a long, isolating road. ACE NextGen has been instrumental in helping me along the journey, where I can surround myself with other career-oriented and entrepreneurial individuals in Asian American communities all across the country to learn from and grow with each other. I particularly enjoy the targeted, in-depth sessions and topics they cover that are easily applicable in our roles as leaders, ranging anywhere from digital marketing to gaining traction using an operating system. Having this group to share my challenges and wins has been like having an expanded work family. It has contributed to my overall sense of community, encouraging me to accomplish even more in order to fulfill my fullest potential.
Linda Hsu, Eye Ojo Corp
Being an entrepreneur is rewarding but it's also a difficult pursuit. You're constantly engaged with unique challenges and fires that you have to put out. Having a community like ACE NextGen helps you weather those challenges. I've been in many business organizations and ACE NextGen has stood out among them because of the diversity of the community in terms of experiences, geography, culture and stages the member's businesses. If you're an Asian American entrepreneur, I can't think of a better way to expand your network and find common cause than joining and connecting with ACE NextGen.
Eric Lai
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ACE Nextgen helped me expand my national network, and it has also helped me understand other industries and business segments on a more nuanced level. It's easy to skate in your lane and focus on whatever bubble you work in, lacking perspective beyond your own expertise. Hearing the stories and experiences of my peers in other areas has helped to give me a more robust understanding of the business world we live in. Knowing I have like-minded peers and support to lean on in this network is enabling, and gives me more confidence to pursue new ventures I might never have considered on my own.
Jesse Nandhavan, Partner Conjugate Group

Membership benefits

Private online community

An invite-only space for entrepreneurs to connect, ask questions, and share info and resources.

National Influence

Work with national ACE and Fortune 500 companies to influence business policies and the community.

Build Your Network

Impact the API entrepreneur community as a Chapter Board member or by working on national programs.

Meet some of our members